first bite needs improvment

First bite of human food was porage, mama milk and peach. I spat it out and made a very funny face. But in the end I swallowed a whole table spoon of that crap. Thanks Mom, sure beats formula. I wont forget it!

My pops mentor Skip Allen has been teaching him well, but he is a poor student, how to use his digital watercolor brushes in Corel Painter. This is just another attempt by that wanna be artist guy my pop. If you guys like it he may sleep well tonight.


Cape Cod Deep Winter Photo

Cape Cod Deep Winter Photo

Cape Cod Deep Winter Photo is an image snapped on new years day 2011. That cold cape cod winter and for the following few years I was experimenting like hell, that day with HDR Photography.

Sliders buttons and filters in Photomatix Pro

Some of the sliders buttons and filters in Photomatix Pro were pushed to the limit by a guy who had a few to many bloody marys that new years afternoon. Now those sliders buttons and filters need to be revisited and softened. Five years later I see this image needs a serious attitude adjustment. Visual attitude adjustment is my goal from now on, at least tonight. I hope to find time to rework many of my old HDR Photo’s in the future. Cape Cod Deep Winter Photo and many other of my attitude adjusment needing photo’s are posted very early on in this blog.

carrot break

This beautiful abstract Carrot was grown lovingly by my late Russian mother in law Ludmila Alexandrova. Every spring she planted hundreds of vegetable seeds in her apartment. The window ledges were packed full before she rode her bicycle the five miles to her Dacha. There she spent days turning the dirt by hand with her shovel. This is a rare beautiful carrot that could only have been grown by a proud Russian, my late mother in law Ludmila Alexandrova.

Carrot Break

Mother happiness

Mother of happiness is a “feminine portrait of a new mother”. One can feel her joy as expressed by these colors. She is shown beaming and modern in this painting. She knows she is cared for so much. A tender and loving portrayal to remember her by forever.