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Nick is an abstract artist, piano playing guy currently living in Barnstable Village on Cape Cod. You can buy his junk online @ Red Bubble ~ Etsy ~ Sacchi Art

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My site is devoted to the memory of my daughter Ekaterina Thompson 2016-2017 – my father Architect Benjamin C Thompson 1918-2002 and my mother Mary O. Thompson 1922-2005: Moon Hill Road: Design Research: Barnstable Harbor Cape Cod:

I created this website in 2010 after my former stepmother published the last in a long line of lifetime mis-truths (the nice word), a book – Design Research the store that brought modern living to America. I wanted it to be known that simply – I WAS THERE TO – and in a very big way. Many of my friends do not understand that this was why I created this website – and have mocked my website simply as being bragadocious. Not true. My true friends know that I am the opposite.

In loving memory of our beautiful daughter
January 17, 2016 - July 2, 2017
we miss you so much - we love you forever
"Of all children's products, balloons are the leading cause of suffocation deaths..."
Our daughter inhaled a red one. She found it in a friend's cupboard and died in my arms within the minute.
"Of all children's products, balloons are the leading cause of suffocation deaths..."
Our daughter inhaled a red one. She found it in a friend's cupboard and died in my arms within the minute.

Jane Thompson was the kind of person who when she learned that I was successfully collecting many witnesses willing to testify against her in the four impending financial fraud lawsuits against her, threatened many of them not to testify – including me. As often was the case, Jane lied and wrote – A Judge had ordered me not to talk about the impending multipal cases, and that I would pay a huge financial penalty if I continued ahead with the discovery part of our cases. She was terrified that the press would find out the truth, and her mis-truths would be exposed.

Jane Thompson was the kind of person who (secretly-financialy) bribed my sister, and Ben’s oldest daughter to side with her – against her own biological siblings. Jane then used the fact that only four of Ben’s five children were contesting the latest of many his will’s to try to prove that we were very bad people who did not know what the truth was. But we did.

I believe that if Donald Trump had a mentor, it was Jane Thompson.

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The Good:

Benjamin C. Thompson Obituary http://ow.ly/C02i303T1ZJ

My father Architect Benjamin C. Thompson was married to my mother Mary Okes Thompson from 1942 to 1967. My parents lived in a (Bauhaus style) home designed by Ben and built in 1949 on Moon Hill Road in Lexington, MA. There were five children, Deborah, Anthony, Marina, Nicholas and Benjamin. Soon after in 1959, Ben and Mary purchased a seven-acre waterfront property in Barnstable Massachusetts where the family spent weekends and summers together.

from wikipedia: (In 1953, he (my father) founded Design Research in Cambridge, a company that provided interior furnishings and accessories. Design Research was the first U.S. importer and retailer of the Finnish clothing and textiles of Marimekko. The firm eventually added stores in New York (1964) and San Francisco (1965). In 1969, he designed the company’s revolutionary second Cambridge store, notable for its extreme openness and use of glass. In 1969, Thompson lost financial control and ownership of Design Research.

Thompson’s interest in modernism was balanced by appreciation of older architecture. In the late 1950s, he renovated Harvard Yard‘s historic dormitories by updating their interior arrangements without visible exterior effect. Shortly thereafter he persuaded Harvard to remodel Boylston Hall (built 1857) rather than demolish it.

During those years, Thompson taught architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and served as Chairman of the Architecture Department 1964-1968. His 1966 essay, “Visual Squalor and Social Disorder,†argued for an urban architecture that would encourage, rather than discourage, joy and social life. To this end, in 1967 he proposed reviving Boston’s historic markets with food stalls, cafes, restaurants, and pushcarts.

He is probably best known for a series of collaborations with the developer James W. Rouse, including the Faneuil Hall Marketplace (Boston, 1976), Harborplace (Baltimore, 1980), South Street Seaport (New York, 1985), Bayside Marketplace (Miami, 1987), and Jacksonville Landing (Jacksonville, 1987).

Benjamin Thompson & Associates – later called BTA+


Below are images of Nick’s friendship and play with his father @ Benjamin C. Thompson & Associates, Barnstable @ of a close friendship with Armi Ratia creator of marimekko oy.

beautiful old Kodachrome slides:

The Bad:

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” George Orwell, Animal Farm

I believe the true history of the Thompson family has been erased and rewritten by my fathers second wife, Jane McCullough Thompson.

example: letter-to-new-york-times

In 1969, when I was thirteen, my late father Architect Benjamin C. Thompson left my mother and her five children and married Jane Fisk McCullough. That day life turned straight south for the Thompson family. And now forty-eight years later Benjamin Thompson, Mary Thompson & Jane Fisk McCullough are dead. The five Thompson & two McCullough off springs are middle aged, some older.

Jane Fisk McCullough did not consider or treat Ben’s children as equals to hers. And our father did not stick up for his five children and he denied this truth for his entire life. This caused great friction between Jane’s two children and Ben’s five. To survive Ben’ children were expected to work night and day for Ben and Jane — and Jane’s children were gifted lavishly. They were born wealthy and considered working below them.

In the end Jane had successfully pitted Ben’s five children against each other — a pre-meditated lifetime strategy. The oldest Thompson child had been brainwashed and accepted a large financial bribe to side with Jane and her two kids in the many impending law cases over my fathers estate. This greatly diminished our chances of winning in court.

Those of you who have read Jane’s self published vanity book Design Research the store that brought modern living to America may be under the impression that Jane had a great deal to do with Design Research. The truth is Jane had little if nothing to do with Design Research. Jane was not married to my father during those years. This alone is why about thirteen years before this book was published Jane ruled a three hundred thousand dollar debt my father had borrowed and lost to fund Design Research was the sole responsibility of Ben’s five children. The debt was ours of course because she had nothing to do with Design Research and its bankruptcy in 1970. The phrase “Sir Lady Jane” was coined by her own daughter who was ten years old when Design Research went out of business.

Even so in the year 2000 Jane accepted what she calls a “Knighthood” from the President of Finland – for her contributions to Finnish culture in America.

For years Jane told a fictional story that she had played a key role in my fathers many award winning architectural projects. The truth is Jane was almost never there for the heavy lifting. But she did show up when the cameras came around, and of course for travel.

Jane protected this intellectual fraud by threatening truth tellers with law cases. I am only one of many who were threatened.

Boston Globe A Family Divided, July 9, 2003

Jane Thompson Obituary: New York Times – http://ow.ly/kD7O303M8KG

Jane Thompson Obituary: Boston Globe: https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/obituaries/2016/08/28/jane-thompson-award-winning-designer-urban-planner/AG1qpKIZ5kPRhM5gIGbmsN/story.html

Sir Lady Jane Obituary: Architect Magazine: http://www.architectmagazine.com/design/sir-lady-jane-thompson-dies_o

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