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Rhododendron is a genus characterised by shrubs and small to (rarely) large trees, the smallest species growing to 10–100 cm (3.9–39.4 in) tall, and the largest, R. protistum var. giganteum, reported to 30 m (98 ft) tall. The leaves are spirally arranged; leaf size can range from 1–2 cm (0.39–0.79 in) to over 50 cm (20 in), exceptionally 100 cm (39 in) in R. sinogrande. They may be either evergreen or deciduous. In some species, the undersides of the leaves are covered with scales (lepidote) or hairs (indumentum). Some of the best known species are noted for their many clusters of large flowers. There are alpine species with small flowers and small leaves, and tropical species such as section Vireya that often grow as epiphytes. Species in this genus may be part of the heath complex in oak-heath forests in eastern North America. (source –


Ammophila breviligulata (American beachgrass or American marram grass) is a species of grass that is native to eastern North America, where it grows on sand dunes along the Atlantic Ocean and Great Lakes coasts. Beachgrass thrives under conditions of shifting sand, sand burial, and high winds; it is a dune-building grass that builds the first line of sand dunes along the coast. Beachgrass is less vigorous in stabilized sand, and is only infrequently found further inland than the coastal foredunes. A. breviligulata was introduced to the Pacific coast of North America in the 1930s. It is proving to be invasive, and is increasingly important to coastal ecology and development in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. (source – Wikipedia)beachgrass

Dacha Walk Flowers

Dacha Walk Flowers

Russia has a largely continental climate because of its sheer size and compact configuration and the climate thus effect the cultivation of flowers in the country. Both imported and locally grown flowers may be found in Russia, the latter are always cheaper, but there quality leaves much to be desired. (source –

Dacha Walk Flowers

Kartusha fall afternoon Cape Cod

Kartusha fall afternoon Cape Cod. Almost 10 months old. Life is good. Painted in Painter 2017. Photo smudged her cute little face.

Kartusha fall afternoon Cape Cod

imaginary seascape

This imaginary seascape was created using Corel Painter 2017. This program has a very tough learning curve. After you get past all the technical crap Painter 2017 requires one to learn the fun begins. This imaginary seascape was created with a simple 2b pencil and the new glazing brush variants.

imaginary seascape

Pear Winifred

Im not sure I like this pear Winifred, but really having fun learning the Source and Cover Texture brushes – And remebering how you taught us to paint pears when we had no creative juices flowing – xxx always


pear Winifred


I painted this shoe out of frustration with all the crashes in Painter 2017. I painted this shoe in Rebelle a great watercolor program out of eastern europe somewhere. Years ago to be allowed to be a lowly student at RISD one had to draw a shoe, a bicycle and another contraption that I forget this second. And some anonymous jury would decide your future. Oh sh…… Wish I was on the admissions committee at RISD – I would admit myself again with a full scholarship!!!! and maybe a few of u!!!!


abstract self portrait

This is a theme and variation on an abstract self portrait I did in about 2 minutes the other day. Started on an I pad-pro using Paint-storm. And then took the image into Corel painter 2017 and used the new interactive gradient tool. So much fun.

abstract self portrait

abstract self portrait

abstract self portrait

abstract self portrait

Great Marsh Sailboat

“Great Marsh Sailboat” is a digital watercolor painting of a peaceful scene not far from our Barnstable home. If only we could knock down a few houses and cut down a few trees this would be the view out our living-room window. But instead we have a beautiful view of Old Kings Highway, better known as Route 6A.


first bite needs improvment

First bite of human food was porage, mama milk and peach. I spat it out and made a very funny face. But in the end I swallowed a whole table spoon of that crap. Thanks Mom, sure beats formula. I wont forget it!

My pops mentor Skip Allen has been teaching him well, but he is a poor student, how to use his digital watercolor brushes in Corel Painter. This is just another attempt by that wanna be artist guy my pop. If you guys like it he may sleep well tonight.



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Mary O. Thompson 1922-2005

Benjamin C. Thompson 1918-2002

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With the world economy being in such great shape, when could be a better time to buy a very expensive original & amazing art print to hang in a space of your own / pixel pushed and or hand painted by a guy you most likely have never heard of – (that’s me)

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about digital printing: Digital printing is a recent development in the reproduction of fine art. It involves printing an image from a computer file to a large format inkjet printer. To create this print, an original image/file is made on a computer using multiple, drawing, painting & photographic programs. Quite often an original work is simply drawn or painted the old fashioned way, with crayons, pencils and/or watercolors, etc. This work is then scanned to allow the image to be reproduced in the same method. Then this scanned/file is printed on the highest quality fine art papers and canvas available. Some are then hand painted and framed. Some may be restricted to a limited number of prints – if so each print is then numbered and hand signed.

product notes: Products will be slowly added to each category over time as it takes lots of time to get this part right / Check back often for new items / Some of the shown items are currently out of stock, but are included to see if there is any interest – (to be honest most were just too expensive to make and have so been discontinued / You can use the “contact” link to let me know if you would like to own any of these items.

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