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Nicholas Thompson is an Artist and Piano playing guy who is currently living in Barnstable Village on Cape Cod, Planet Earth USAAfter years of many visits to Finland and neighboring Russia Nick recently brought home the best souvenir of all time—his lovely new wife Svetlana. They live happily in Barnstable Village on Cape Cod, MA with there new born daughter Ekaterina. Every few years they make the trip to the family's wooded dacha in northern Russia. Nick is also still a piano player, sometimes putting on his suit and playing solo in a local Saloon.Visit Nick's website @ http://nicholasthompsonartworks.com Copyright ©

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Welcome to my Print Shop

With the world economy being in such great shape, when could be a better time to buy a very expensive original & amazing art print to hang in a space of your own / pixel pushed and or hand painted by a guy you most likely have never heard of – (that’s me)

Visit my Gallery, choose an image – use the Contact Link to request that it be added to the Shop.

Included for purhase here in my Print Shop are a limited number of Silkscreened Shirts, Dresses and other items from a past venture.

I hope you enjoy looking at my site, thanks for the visit.

about digital printing: Digital printing is a recent development in the reproduction of fine art. It involves printing an image from a computer file to a large format inkjet printer. To create this print, an original image/file is made on a computer using multiple, drawing, painting & photographic programs. Quite often an original work is simply drawn or painted the old fashioned way, with crayons, pencils and/or watercolors, etc. This work is then scanned to allow the image to be reproduced in the same method. Then this scanned/file is printed on the highest quality fine art papers and canvas available. Some are then hand painted and framed. Some may be restricted to a limited number of prints – if so each print is then numbered and hand signed.

product notes: Products will be slowly added to each category over time as it takes lots of time to get this part right / Check back often for new items / Some of the shown items are currently out of stock, but are included to see if there is any interest – (to be honest most were just too expensive to make and have so been discontinued / You can use the “contact” link to let me know if you would like to own any of these items.

personal note: I’m really not expecting many orders, but hoping for a few / creating this site has really been fun.


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