Art design slave:

Nick was born into a successful family design business. As an adult Nick became his fathers personal Art design slave. After years of design slavery Nick has returned to fine art painting. But this time digital painting. see Nick’s Digital Paintings: Nick has also recently started offering his Prints and Products for sale in Nick’s Shop:

In May of 1994 Nick’s father suffered his second serious stroke. He never walked or moved his right side again. About the same time Nick’s mother also suffered severe health issues. Both parents who lived separately required round the clock care. Nick scaled back his design career and become a full time care giver for both during the dying years.

Even so Nick found time to contribute his Architectural Graphics & Art to many Boston and Cambridge Design firms, Textile Prints to marimekko & Black Moda in Finland, and porcelain dish-ware to Ancienne Manufacture Royale de Limoges France.

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